A/B testing is good, but not perfect for everyone...

A/B or multivariate testing is used by marketers for discovering the best variation of the landing pages. But if you want to optimize fast, A/B testing might not be the best choice.

  • A/B testing takes thousands of your landing page visitors and months to achieve 95% statistical significance if you don't have huge traffic.
  • With A/B testing you can usually test only one thing at a time: headline, your call to action, minor layout change and etc. If you change multiple things - it's multivariate testing and it takes even more time than A/B testing.
  • Your A/B tests could fail because you chose the wrong things to test. It could be that you choose things that don't actually change your conversion rate in any measurable way.
  • You send your landing page visitors to different variations of your landing page regardless of how they’re converting. It happens that your potential customers get an underperforming page for weeks while you're waiting for the test results.
  • A/B testing has no context about your visitors. Your visitors are different. It depends on how they arrived on your landing page. What are they looking for? Which country do they come from?
  • A lot of A/B testing tools have some side-effects on your landing page loading speed. It happens that the original variation content gets briefly displayed before applying a different variation.

All problems solved with ChameleonPages

This is how it works

Tell as about your business

You answer a few questions, pick your preffered template(s) and we'll build you a high-converting landing page!

  • No code
  • No pixel shifting
  • No drag & drop
  • No distraction

Optimizing on autopilot

ChameleonPages solves all the problems with A/B testing. Our AI experimentation engine automatically detects which landing page performs best. For every visitor, matter how many variants you’ve got.

  • No need for a huge amounts of traffic
  • Almost instant results
  • Test multiple variables at once
  • Server side experiments - no impact for loading speed, no flickering

Sit back & relax

Save time by letting the AI do the hard work for you. Just chill out and watch your numbers go up.

  • Get the best performing variations right away
  • 25% conversion increase after as few as 100 visits
  • Make decisions and tweak for even better results
  • Enjoy more sales and signups